Red Has 3 Nominations In 2 Rock Categories In The 2013 Dove Awards

Red has not one, but TWO songs nominated for Rock Song Of The Year…those are their back-to-back Rock radio singles Who We Are and Perfect Life..  Not surprisingly, Skillet's Sick Of It is also nominated in the category as is We As Human's Strike Back, and Remedy Drive's Resuscitate Me.  All five of those songs are Blasted here.  

Switchfoot's song Afterlife is among the nominees for the "Rock/Contemporary" Song Of The Year Category.  Red is the only band nominated in both the Rock Song and Rock Album of the Year categories.  In the latter category, their Release The Panic album is among the nominees, as are:  Flyleaf's New Horizons; Thousand Foot Krutch's The End Is Where We Begin; Fireflight's Now; and House Of Heroes' album Cold Hard Want.  

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Skillet Is Heading Back To Europe This Fall…For A Month

John Cooper of Skillet

 Skillet is heading back to Europe this fall…for a month this time.  Skillet will jam in 14 countries on the continent. France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, The Netherlands, Belgium, and the United Kingdom all get at least one Skillet show on this late October through late November jaunt.  

Sent By Ravens Doing A Reunion Show In Jacksonville, Florida This Saturday


In the revolving door of Christian rock bands, Sent By Ravens is one of the most recent casualities falling prey to harsh economic reality.  But the good news is, even though the band is on what is potentially a permanent hiatus, they are doing a reunion concert in Jacksonville, Florida this Saturday, with House Of Heroes, Sumerlin and several other bands.  It all kicks off at 1:30 pm at Murray Hill Theatre. 

The Almost Releases Video For Their Current Hit “I’m Down”

The Almost has released the video for the song "I'm Down" off  the Fear Inside Our Bones album.  Here is a link to it:

The Letter Black Announces New Album, Offers Sample Of New Sounds


The Letter Black's next album comes out on November 12th. It will be called Rebuild.  The band offers a sample of one of the new songs on their website:


Love And Death Is About To Get Shiprocked

In January, Love and Death will be playing with a bunch of mainstream rock bands on a ship! This floating rock concert will cruise from Miam to the Bahamas…the festival is called Shiprocked.  

Beware: “The Yellow And Black Attack!” Is Back! Stryper Announces New Album Name & Date

Long before there was Skillet…there was another Christian hard rock/metal band that was filling the ears of millions around the world.  Thirty years ago, a band called Stryper arose in southern California and took the world by storm.  Stryper was so big back in the day that they were the first Christian rock or metal band to have popular mainstream/secular rock bands open FOR THEM. 

Since being founded 30 years ago, Stryper has sold over 8 million records, and they are about to sell a bunch more. 

Frontier Records will release Stryper's 11th studio album on November 5th in North America.  The title:  No More Hell To Pay.  

Stryper says it will be quite possibly be their best record yet, promising "high octane vocals, layered vocal harmonies, guitar solos galore, driving drums and bass and an energy that hasn't been seen since their glory days".   High octane vocals is putting it lightly.   'Aint no man anywhere in the Milky Way Galaxy that can scream in as high a pitch as lead vocalist Michael Sweet!

Stryper was one of the first Christian bands to ever have one of their videos played on MTV. 

After taking most of the 1990's off, this legendary band has come back on the scene in the 2000's, releasing a few albums in this century, but none with this much fanfare. 

Now that bassist Timothy Gaines is back in the fold, the band has their original lineup all together once more.  That lineup also includes axeman Oz Fox and Robert Sweet, drummer and brother of frontman Michael Sweet. 

No More Hell To Pay will have 12 new songs, including 11 Stryper originals and a cover of Jesus Is Just Alright, which was also covered by DC Talk in the 1990's.

Stryper has 6 remaining USA tour dates in 4 states in the month of August.

The Blast plays several "modern" Stryper songs: Reborn, Murder By Pride, God, and Blackened. Blackened is a song from their most recent album called Second Coming which is an album of the band band covering themselves.  That album came out in early 2013. 


Phinehas’ New Album “The Last Word Is Yours To Speak” Has Dropped Show Un-Cancelled


Phinehas' highly anticipated new full length album called "The Last Word Is Yours To Speak" is now available for purchase.

In other Phinehas news, their August 31st show in Spartanburg has been un-cancelled.  Yes, you read that right.  UN-cancelled.  They worked with the promoter to make the show still happen and make it free.  South Carolina metalheads are all the happier.  Congrats on the invention of a new word, too, eh?


Close Your Eyes Announces New Head Crooner; New Album; Tour Dates

The silence of Close Your Eyes has ended.  They have announced that Sam Robinson is their new lead vocalist and he's already laid down some sweet vocals.  Guitarist Brett Callaway says Robinson's voice is a very strong edition to the Close Your Eyes lineup.  Callaway says Robinson is a great vocalist who shares the band's vision and purpose.  Their next album will be Line In The Sand, releasing in October.  Ahead of the album release, they are kicking off a headlining European tour in Cologne, Germany on September 4th. 

Behold! “Behold! The City” Is Breaking Up

The opening line to their current Blast hit "Dead Future" is "There comes a time in every man's life when he decides to kill his dreams or keep them alive."  Well, it sure looks like the band has decided to kill the dream of keeping this band alive, as the band has announced that they have only 6 tour dates left ever, this August. Those tour dates are in the provinces Quebec and Ontario in their homeland, Canada.  They will be missed, but you can still hear "Dead Future" blasting around the clock on The Blast and other, harder songs of theirs on our weekend "Blastmetal" show.