Phinehas’ New Album “The Last Word Is Yours To Speak” Has Dropped Show Un-Cancelled


Phinehas' highly anticipated new full length album called "The Last Word Is Yours To Speak" is now available for purchase.

In other Phinehas news, their August 31st show in Spartanburg has been un-cancelled.  Yes, you read that right.  UN-cancelled.  They worked with the promoter to make the show still happen and make it free.  South Carolina metalheads are all the happier.  Congrats on the invention of a new word, too, eh?


Close Your Eyes Announces New Head Crooner; New Album; Tour Dates

The silence of Close Your Eyes has ended.  They have announced that Sam Robinson is their new lead vocalist and he's already laid down some sweet vocals.  Guitarist Brett Callaway says Robinson's voice is a very strong edition to the Close Your Eyes lineup.  Callaway says Robinson is a great vocalist who shares the band's vision and purpose.  Their next album will be Line In The Sand, releasing in October.  Ahead of the album release, they are kicking off a headlining European tour in Cologne, Germany on September 4th. 

Behold! “Behold! The City” Is Breaking Up

The opening line to their current Blast hit "Dead Future" is "There comes a time in every man's life when he decides to kill his dreams or keep them alive."  Well, it sure looks like the band has decided to kill the dream of keeping this band alive, as the band has announced that they have only 6 tour dates left ever, this August. Those tour dates are in the provinces Quebec and Ontario in their homeland, Canada.  They will be missed, but you can still hear "Dead Future" blasting around the clock on The Blast and other, harder songs of theirs on our weekend "Blastmetal" show.

Silverline Rocks With Manic Drive And Press Play On JCTV Tour

Silverline will be one of the 3 key acts on the first ever JCTV Tour. Manic Drive and Press Play will join them on a 22 city coast-to-coast USA tour that kicks off in Scranton, Pennsylvania on Friday October 25th. JCTV (Jesus Christ TeleVision) is a network run by the same peeps that run TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network) and it is geared at youth and young adults, airing music videos, drama, movies, and other Christian youth programming.

Righteous Vendetta Smash, Smash, Smashed The Guitar!

Righteous Vendetta's Justin Olmstead's guitar accidentally got broken in half at their concert in Charlotte, North Carolina Sunday night!  The band is not in a position to be buying a new guitar outright, so they are taking donations through lead singer Ryan Hayes' Paypal account:  Righteous Vendetta is a 3 1/2 year old hardcore and metal band from Cody, Wyoming that has a couple of songs in rotation on The Blast, including their new hit "The Fire In Me."