2nd Annual Grizzly Award Winners

The Dove Awards don’t do justice to the world of Christian ROCK (and have not for many years, as they have merged Contemporary and Rock into one category called, cleverly, Rock/Contemporary…as if those those should even be in the same category), so last year, the Grizzly Awards came to the rescue.

Last night, the second annual Grizzly Awards were announced.

The Grizzly winners list, in our opinion, has some anomalies, as there is one winner we didn’t list whose lyrics don’t show any signs of Christianity in them (which is why we don’t play them); the lead singer of one band, FFAK…bragged on Twitter last summer about how he donated to the Minnesota Freedom Fund, which was bailing out violent BLM and Antifa rioters, and we immediately deleted all of their music on The Blast and The Implosion.

Did it help Zahna’s cause that their song of the year was a Taylor Swift cover?  Probably, but it would have been nice if this song had been marketed to radio.  It’s a killer track.  But it flew under the radar…until now, suddenly.

A screamo vocalist from a band called As Lions and Lambs also won.   Who? We know, exactly.  And maybe they are great and maybe they will get airplay here soon (we’ve already reached out).  But in our humble opinion, winners in these categories should be well known groups.

Some of the results lead us to believe that there needs to be a much bigger sampling of people voting.

Blasters, let’s get involved in the nomination and voting processes to a much greater extent next year.  End of rant…now the pertinent winners list…


Livestream of the Year Winner:

Album of the Year Winner:
Fireflight “Who We Are”

Rock Song of the Year Winner:
The Protest “Greater”

Classic Metal Song of the Year Winner:
Chaotic Resemblance  “Unto the Lamb”

Song of the Year Winner:
Zahna “Look What You Made Me Do”

Music Video of the Year Winner:
Bayless “Ready Aim”

Vocalist(Scream) of the Year Winner:
Matt McNamara (As Lions and Lambs)

Vocalist (Clean) of the Year Winner:
Dawn Michele (Fireflight)
Guitarist of the Year Winner:
JR Bareis (Spoken and Love and Death)
Bassist of the Year Winner:
Ken Reed (Seventh Day Slumber)
Drummer of the Year Winner:
Jarob Bramlett (The Protest)
Producer of the Year Winner:
Josiah Prince
Fan Choice: