Internet Outage At San Diego Datacenter: Cause Of Dead Air-Alternate Stream

A car accident near the San Diego data center where our main streams are hosted caused a block-wide power outage, knocking our main streams off the air.

Use this stream address in Winamp or VLC Media Player to get Blasted in the meantime:

This stream is now in our Android, iOS, and Roku apps in the third position, notated as 128k!!!

So the others may have dead air, but this is hosted on the other side of the USA and has live streaming audio.

The Protest Performing Their #1 Smash Hit Greater at KCF 2021

Indiana home boys The Protest did not disappoint at Kingdom Come Fest 2021.   And of course, the audience loved every minute of it.  Here is a video of them performing what may well be the #1 Christian rock radio song of the year 2021, Greater:



Paypal Merchant Fees Increase August 1, 2021: Switch To MyWell

Paypal is effectively increasing its merchant fees that it will be charging us, starting on August 1, 2021.

If we can get the remaining 48% of our monthly automatic Paypal donors to switch over to the MyWell giving portal*, we will save nearly $200 a year in fees.

Here is a chart showing amounts donors are still giving through Paypal monthly:

Current New Paypal Paypal MyWell donation Amount saved (per donor at
Gift Amount Calculation Calculation Current Fee New Fee via elec. check each month this gift rate)
$100 2.2% +.30 1.99% +.49 $2.29 $2.48 $0.30 $2.18
$35 2.2% +.30 1.99% +.49 $1.07 $1.19 $0.30 $0.89
$25 2.2% +.30 1.99% +.49 $0.85 $0.99 $0.30 $0.69
$20 2.2% +.30 1.99% +.49 $0.74 $0.89 $0.30 $0.59
$10 2.2% +.30 1.99% +.49 $0.52 $0.69 $0.30 $0.39
$5 2.2% +.30 1.99% +.49 $0.41 $0.59 $0.30 $0.29

Notable: for those donating $100 a month, this takes our fee from $2.48 to 30 cents!

For those donating $5, how do you feel about the fact that Paypal takes over 1/10 of that starting next month?

To switch over to MyWell, click on the button that looks like the above picture, found in the lower right corner of our website.   (Or click on the handy link next to it).

*Assuming everyone gives via electronic check, with the exceptions of: if your gift amount is $7.50 or less or if you are outside the USA, please donate with a debit card on the MyWell portal, as the fees will be even less than $0.30.

Thank you for helping to maximize your contributions to The Blast Ministries, Inc.!

The Letter Black Interview Part 3 on Friday July 2, 2021

On Friday July 2, 2021, Colin Cruz (pictured here with Sarah Anthony and Mark Anthony) of The Letter Black, airs part 3 of his interview with this band.  It will be on TheBlast.FM in the 9 AM and 10 AM hours (USA/Canada Central Time).

If you missed the first several segments of the interview, those are archived on TheBlast.FM MeWe page: