How To Keep Blasting On Older Roku Devices

For those of you Blasting on older Roku devices, you may have noticed that TheBlast.FM app is no longer supported on those units.   Roku has updated some of its standards, which makes TheBlast.FM app no longer usable on those old Roku units. 

Our Roku app developer says There is no way to make the app backward compatible… and a new app has to be developed.”

 He also says “The new app will still work on the older Roku 3 (from 2013) devices… not sure about anything before that.  This is more than just a minor update and tweak.  This will be a brand NEW app and I will have to charge some development fees.

 It would cost $1,500 one time for Roku channel development. 

 Here are a couple of other ways you can listen to TheBlast.FM on your television if you are using an older Roku device:

 1) You can still listen to TheBlast.FM’s four radio stations via the Tune In Radio aggregator app.  The Tune In Radio app is free in the Roku store.  Search for TheBlast.FM or for whichever of our radio stations you are looking for by name and you can listen for free in the Tune In Radio app. 

 2) Are you using a smart TV?  If so, keep in mind that the HTML5 players on our website work in the browsers of smart TV’s. 

If you’d like to contribute to the radio stations’ efforts to upgrade its Roku app to make it compatible across all Roku platforms, click here and give via MyWell if you live in the USA and via Givengain if you live outside the USA:

How To Blast Everywhere On Older Vehicles Using Bluetooth FM Transmitters

If you are in an older vehicle that does not have in-dash internet access and you want to Blast in your vehicle, you sure can do that.  Our own Colin Cruz has been been doing that since 2008 with a Bluetooth FM transmitter.  Here is how:

1.  Go to an electronics store or an online electronics vendor and buy a “bluetooth FM transmitter”

2.  Plug that Bluetooth FM transmitter into your car’s “cigarette lighter slot”

3.  Go to your phone’s settings and turn on Bluetooth

5.  Connect the Bluetooth of your phone for audio and calls to your Bluetooth FM stereo, the name of which will pop up as an available device

6.  Hit play on TheBlast.FM stream of your choice in TheBlast.FM app or on our website.

7.  Your Bluetooth FM stereo will…or should… find an open FM stereo channel to use on your vehicle’s FM stereo and it will, or should…display that frequency on the face of the Bluetooth FM stereo.

8.  Tune your FM stereo to that frequency and turn up the volume, and you are Blasting on your FM car stereo!