TheBlast.FM Bringing Disciple In Concert To Sioux Falls Wed July 31, 2024

TheBlast.FM is bringing Christian Rock band Disciple in concert to Sioux Falls, South Dakota on Wednesday July 31, 2024, 7:00 pm at LifeChange Church (formerly known as Sioux Falls First), 6300 W. 41st Street.

The band will also play several songs of their power worship altar ego band Honor & Glory.

It’s gonna be hard rockin’, it’s gonna be all out worship At Full Blast, and Kevin’s preaching.

Bring your rocker friends that need to get saved.  It could happen on 7/31/24!

Tickets are $15 in advance ( $35 for VIP tickets) and are on sale here:

Tickets are $20 at the door.

TheBlast.FM Outage: Southwest Fiber Cut: Use Backup Streams

If you wondering why we have dead air tonight, our San Diego hosting provider has let us know that they see there was a fiber cut in the southwest tonight and that is somehow affecting our stream hosting.

Use our Backup Streams (last option in the app) as we look for other solutions.


New On Air Server Blasting In San Diego Data Center

Our streaming/ website hosting/ data center co-location provider sent us this picture from the data center rack where this 1RU newly donated on air server is now encoding all of our streams (most of the time, except when Windows updates reboots are needed or in the rare event of other problems) and in those cases, we will encode from the backup on air computer.

$175 a month is the price we are now paying  to co-locate this server in this San Diego data center

You can help support that here:


TheBlast.FM Is Now A Patriot Mobile Affiliate: Switching To Patriot Mobile $upports TheBlast.FM

TheBlast.FM has become an affiliate of Patriot Mobile, a company which supports Christian values, such as freedom of religion.  While some wireless carriers use their profits to support anti-Biblical causes such as abortion, Patriot Mobile is a Christian wireless carrier that gives a monthly kickback to TheBlast.FM for every customer we sign up to their service.

To sign up and support TheBlast.FM, go to

AND enter the promo code BLAST when prompted.

TheBlast.FM has used Patriot Mobile as its carrier since mid 2023, and it has worked great for us.   Great coverage, even when driving in rural “flyover country”.

Spoken, Amongst The Giants, Chaotic Resemblance: Sioux Falls Mon Oct 2

Spoken.  Amongst The Giants.  Chaotic Resemblance.  All 3 are in concert in Sioux Falls at The Point Is To Serve Church on Monday October 2nd at 6:00 pm.  The church is located at 506 N. Kiwanis Avenue.  TheBlast.FM is a mouthpiece sponsor of the concert and we will be present with Blast gear and Blast Cards, including our new shiny car window stickers.

2nd Update: (Working Out Bugs) The New TheBlast.FM Android And IOS Apps Are Live (Apple Car Play + Android Auto)

Update:  we are working out some bugs in both new apps, so please be patient and hold off on any bad reviews.  It will be cleaned up!

The new TheBlast.FM iOS app is live!

The upgraded TheBlast.FM app is now live on Android and iOS!  The app is compatible with Android Auto and Apple Car Play, which means that in modern infotainment dashboards you will see what band and song are playing in the dash.

Screen shots of the new TheBlast.FM app

New Android & IOS Apps Are Coming / New Roku App Is Here

Pictured above is a preview of current progress on the 2023 major upgrade of TheBlast.FM Android and iOS app.

Here is a preview of the current progress to the top part of the 2023 major upgrade to the TheBlast.FM Android and IOS app.

TheBlast.FM app is getting a MAJOR upgrade to its Android and iOS apps.

The apps will soon be compatible with Apple Carplay and Android Auto, which means the full dash experience will be available in the dash!

You will be able to see what is playing on TheBlast.FM stations in the dash…and not have to look at your phone for metadata!

And there will be other extra add-ons that we don’t have now.

But this major update isn’t free.  Our app developer is upgrading TheBlast.FM app for Android and iOS for $5,000.

Like we did with the Roku app weeks ago, we said yes to the work before the funds were raised because we know we can count on TheBlast.FM donors to fund this important project, just like you did with the Roku app upgrade.

So…who wants to help pay for this upgrade???

Are there five of you called to give $1,000 each?  Are there two of you called to give $2,500?  Or is somebody called to give the whole $5k?  Or maybe a whole bunch of you are called to give $100-$500 to fund this.

Whatever the case may be…

You can make your donation here:

Thank you!

And by the way, regarding TheBlast.FM Roku app, if it is not working on your device, you need to uninstall and re-install from the new app store.  If you have a Roku TV and you already had TheBlast.FM app downloaded, it will automatically update to the new app.



How To Keep Blasting On Older Roku Devices

For those of you Blasting on older Roku devices, you may have noticed that TheBlast.FM app is no longer supported on those units.   Roku has updated some of its standards, which makes TheBlast.FM app no longer usable on those old Roku units. 

Our Roku app developer says There is no way to make the app backward compatible… and a new app has to be developed.”

 He also says “The new app will still work on the older Roku 3 (from 2013) devices… not sure about anything before that.  This is more than just a minor update and tweak.  This will be a brand NEW app and I will have to charge some development fees.

 It would cost $1,500 one time for Roku channel development. 

 Here are a couple of other ways you can listen to TheBlast.FM on your television if you are using an older Roku device:

 1) You can still listen to TheBlast.FM’s four radio stations via the Tune In Radio aggregator app.  The Tune In Radio app is free in the Roku store.  Search for TheBlast.FM or for whichever of our radio stations you are looking for by name and you can listen for free in the Tune In Radio app. 

 2) Are you using a smart TV?  If so, keep in mind that the HTML5 players on our website work in the browsers of smart TV’s. 

If you’d like to contribute to the radio stations’ efforts to upgrade its Roku app to make it compatible across all Roku platforms, click here and give via MyWell if you live in the USA and via Givengain if you live outside the USA:

How To Blast Everywhere On Older Vehicles Using Bluetooth FM Transmitters

If you are in an older vehicle that does not have in-dash internet access and you want to Blast in your vehicle, you sure can do that.  Our own Colin Cruz has been been doing that since 2008 with a Bluetooth FM transmitter.  Here is how:

1.  Go to an electronics store or an online electronics vendor and buy a “bluetooth FM transmitter”

2.  Plug that Bluetooth FM transmitter into your car’s “cigarette lighter slot”

3.  Go to your phone’s settings and turn on Bluetooth

5.  Connect the Bluetooth of your phone for audio and calls to your Bluetooth FM stereo, the name of which will pop up as an available device

6.  Hit play on TheBlast.FM stream of your choice in TheBlast.FM app or on our website.

7.  Your Bluetooth FM stereo will…or should… find an open FM stereo channel to use on your vehicle’s FM stereo and it will, or should…display that frequency on the face of the Bluetooth FM stereo.

8.  Tune your FM stereo to that frequency and turn up the volume, and you are Blasting on your FM car stereo!

Long Live 80’s Hard Rock And Metal! The Blastozoic Era Does First All 80’s Weekend

The Blastozoic Era is doing an all 80’s weekend (Saturday through Monday) in honor of the Immortal Rock Festival which is happening at the same time in Ohio.  See the separate story for that here: