80k Ogg Vorbis Stream Added To TheBlast.FM home page: For Blasting On Linux And Elsewhere

The 80k Ogg Vorbis stream is back on the home page. This is a favorite of some of our Linux Blasters. It pops up in the built-in HTML5 player in Chrome, Firefox, and some other cutting-edge browsers. Launched from Internet Explorer, it will open in Winamp or VLC Player, with full metadata support in the media player. There is no metadata in the HTML5 players in the Chrome and Firefox browsers. Instead, you can get the metadata from our homepage, www.TheBlast.FM. In our re-testing of the player this week, it works much better in Firefox than in Chrome.; Since Winamp support ends December 20th due to AOL giving it the axe, download it while you can at www.winamp.com. It is free. VLC player can be found at www.videolan.org ;It is also free.

Multi-Stream Flash Player Is Now Packed With Streams Again

The multi-stream flash player is now packed with streams at various bit rates again: 64, 56, 48, 32, 24, 20kbps streams and the post-rapture backup stream are all in there. So you can find just about all of our streams in some fashion on the home page of TheBlast.FM.  This weekend, our main web dev guru is tasked with helping to update the All Streams, All Media Players page and add another one of our streams to the home page.  So, look for those updates soon, and keep it Blasty!

Winamp Is About To Die…But There Are Plenty Of Other Ways To Get Blasted

AOL, which bought Winamp from its developers Nullsoft…is ending support for the Winamp media player on December 20th.   While Winamp is the media player of choice for some of our desktop and laptop Blasters, there are still plenty of other options:  iTunes, VLC Player, and the flash and flash/HTML5 players on our site.  We'll also be bringing the 80k Ogg Vorbis stream back to the home page shortly, as that is a favorite of Linux users and pops up in the built-in HTML5 player in Chrome and Firefox (with no in-player metadata support…use the display on our website for that). In other browsers, that stream will open up (with in-player metadata) in VLC if you have it on your computer.  iTunes does not support the Ogg Vorbis codec.