All HTML5 Players Working Again, Lyrics Included

All of our HTML5 players are once again fully functional.   If you get any messages in your browser about some items being not secure, it has to do with http and https protocol issues, as TheBlast.FM website has moved from http to https.  Rest assured, it’s all the same content as before (album art and lyrics).  If you have any questions or any issues trying to listen on any of our players, send us a Blastback:

Project 86 Video To Air On AXS.TV Friday

Project 86’s video for a song we Blast here “Fall Goliath Fall” will air on Friday, a little after 4 pm in the USA’s Eastern Time Zone.  P86 claims that about 18 million viewers will be expected to see it.

Facedown Records Announces Lineup For Facedown Fest 2017

Facedown Records celebrates 20 years with a star-studded lineup at Facedown Fest in mid-May.

Blast bands My Epic, Attalus, War Of Ages, Comrades, and Everything In Slow Motion are playing at the festival

And a whole lot of Implosion bands are playing.

The Implosion is our new metal/hardcore/metalcore station:  http://Implosion.TheBlast.FM




Lee Humerian Is Leaving Phinehas For? The Ukraine

Longtime Phinehas drummer Lee Humerian is departing from the band Phinehas.   He and his wife are answering the call to youth missions work in the country of Ukraine.   His last show with Phinehas is Saturday night in Fullerton, California.   He will lay down the drums on the next Phinehas record before a new drummer takes over, however.   Humerian has been bangin’ the skins for Phinehas since 2008 and has done interviews on The Blast in the past.  To find out more about the mission he and his wife Katie are going on, visit:

The More Streams Page Is Updated: How To Listen In Various Media Players

You want a Blast stream address to put into iTunes, VLC, Winamp, Windows Media Player, Quicktime, or Real Player?

Then click on “More Streams”.

The Implosion Is Our Long-Awaited Christian Metal And Hardcore Station!


And, no, The Implosion is not in our Android, iOS, and Roku apps yet.  $1200 is the quote from our app developer.  We raised money to pay our other “must pays” and our debt by the end of January, but we have not raised enough yet to add on to these apps.  You can help here:

THE IMPLOSION is our brand new Christian metal and hardcore radio station, Blasting off at Midnight (USA/Canadian Central Time) on January 1, 2017!

The station is birthed out of our Blastmetal show which had a 6 year run on The Blast, from 2010 to 2016.   The Blastmetal show is now retired, but it, and its name, live on…on The Implosion!

Christian metal and hardcore have the most in your face Christian lyrics of any genre of music.   This is face-melting stuff, not for the faint of heart!

The Blast Year End Fundraising Update 4:45 PM CT 12/31/16

Here is one missionary outpost that has reached 234,000 unique listeners in 205 countries in 2016.

Our goal for one time gifts is $10,000.  We have raised $4,670, so $5,330 still remains to be raised.

Our goal for new monthly giving is:  $1,750 per month.  We have raise $125 in new monthies, leaving $1,625 per month still to be raised.

Donations to The Blast Ministries are tax deductible, as we are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Click here to donate.

Now This Is Refreshing…

A Christian Rock Band Declares That They Are A Christian Rock Band.

Skillet’s John Cooper recently talked to CBN…the Christian Broadcasting Network about his band and his faith: