Skillet Europe Tour; Lyric / Concert Video Of Their New Single Legendary

Skillet is heading back to Europe for 27 more concerts this fall.   The 17 European countries they will play in are: Denmark, Germany, Poland, the United Kingdom, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France, Belarus, Ukraine, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, and Belgium.

Lyric videos surely have evolved in a positive way, eh?  Here is the lyric/concert video for the new hit Legendary:


Preview The New Seventh Day Slumber Album


Have you heard the clips from the new Seventh Day Slumber album Closer To Chaos yet?

Check them out here:

My Epic Violence EP Dropping Today

My Epic’s new EP called Violence drops on Facedown Records today.

We added the first single “White Noises” right away when it was released. It has entered our Top 15 and has been featured on TheBlast.FM Christian Rock Radio Countdown.

Here is a preview of the EP:

Seventh Day Slumber Gives You A Chance To Win Closer To Chaos Album

Here’s Joseph Rojas, lead singer of Seventh Day Slumber…showing off the artwork to their next album “Closer To Chaos”, which comes out on May 31st on Rockfest Records.  The band is giving you a chance to win a copy of their new album.   To find out how, go here:


Skillet Album “Victorious” Drops August 2; New Music Is #NowBlasting on TheBlast.FM

Skillet announces that their next album called Victorious hits the streets on August 2, 2019.   Lead singer John Cooper says he and his and bandmate Korey Cooper produced most of the record themselves…a band first.  John says they wanted to put out an album with a lot of emotion in it…one that makes you want to pump your fist in the air at a concert.  One of the first radio releases “Legendary”…which is already Blasting on TheBlast.FM…is about this:  John says people had been warning him for years that “Skillet needs to stop talking about its faith or it’ll hurt your radio airplay”.  John said “No, we’re not going to do that.” They kept on talking and singing about Jesus Christ!  (Skillet’s first mainstream radio release, Savior, back in 2003, was shunned by most mainstream Rock/Active rock/Alternative radio programmers…probably because the lyrics made them nervous and/or they were afraid to play a song with such bold Christian lyrics on a secular rock radio format).  But Skillet’s secular star rose, nonetheless, and all these years later, Skillet is still standing.  John says “Legendary” deals with that very topic.

-Written by Colin Cruz of TheBlast.FM

Big Skillet Announcement And New Music Preview

Skillet Has A Big Announcement To Make…Next Week.

But…they do have a sample of their new music up NOW:



We Are Vessel In A Bus Accident

Life is tough out on the road for an independent Christian rock band.  And then when you get in an accident, it gets even harder.  We Are Vessel knows that life is not “Without A Fight”.  The worst injury was Jake Soltow getting glass in his eye.  All of the band members are pretty sore today.  Keep them in your prayers, and if their music has helped your life, consider helping them fund their bus repairs.

Spoken Writing And Recording More New Songs, Adds Guitarist

Spoken fans waiting for another new album from the band:  count on it, but we don’t know how soon.  Spoken founder and lead singer Matt Baird tells TheBlast.FM that he has been “writing a lot, and filling in the gaps of what types of tunes are still needed to make a cohesive record”.  Spoken recently acquired guitarist JR Bareis from Love And Death for a player to be named later.  Sorry, good joke, it’s baseball season.  But JR did leave Love and Death and has become an official member of Spoken.    Baird says he has no idea how soon they will release the first single from the next album.  The Blast still has “Dying Without You” from IX in current rotation.

JR Bareis, above left;  Matt Baird, above right.

The Blast World Premiere Of New Seventh Day Slumber Song Today

The Blast World Premier of a new Seventh Day Slumber song from the next album Closer To Chaos airs this hour on the Colin Cruz radio show on TheBlast.FM.  Closer To Chaos drops on May 1st on Rockfest Records.   The song will also go into regular Blast rotation this week.