My Epic f Cory Brandan Video For The New Single “White Noises”

Facedown Records has released a video for the new single The Blast recently added from My Epic featuring Cory Brandan…White Noises.   It is from My Epic’s new EP called Violence, which comes out on May 10th.






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Blasty Concert In Indianapolis: Foreveratlast + More

This Friday at The Gear all ages music venue in the south metro Indianapolis suburb Franklin, Indiana…it’s a metalcore concert from Forgotten Tragedy.   Blast band Foreveratlast will also play along with a slew of other bands.

You’ll hear The Blast before, between and after sets, and maybe even The Implosion http://Implosion.TheBlast.FM before the headliners, since they are metalcore, after all.

The concert runs from 6 to 10 pm.


The Letter Black Has A New Addition (Not A Band Member…Yet, Anyway)…

The Letter Black lead singer Sarah Anthony and her husband, guitarist, Mark Anthony are the proud parents of a baby daughter, Audrey Grace Anthony, who was born on Sunday night.   In other news from The Letter Black camp, they have been raising funds to get a new album going and have put out an untitled demo song on their Facebook page.   The Letter Black told The Blast in late 2015 that a new single would ready in January.  Delay, delays.   

Demon Hunter Outlive CD Deluxe Edition…Right Out Of The Gate? Yep!

Since when does the Deluxe Edition of a CD come out on the album’s original release date?  Since March 31, 2017, that’s when…Demon Hunter’s Outlive album comes out…and the Deluxe edition will include a 28-inch fold-out poster, a 28-page large format booklet with lyric explanations from lead singer Ryan Clark, a DVD featuring the Outlive documentary and a music video for the song “Died In My Sleep”, an Outlive bandanna, a 5-piece art card printed with metallic gold ink on black stock, a certificate of authenticity signed by the band, an Outlive commemorative ring in a white satin bag, and a 10 by 6 drawer style box with metallic gold foil.

Project 86 Video To Air On AXS.TV Friday

Project 86’s video for a song we Blast here “Fall Goliath Fall” will air on Friday, a little after 4 pm in the USA’s Eastern Time Zone.  P86 claims that about 18 million viewers will be expected to see it.

Facedown Records Announces Lineup For Facedown Fest 2017

Facedown Records celebrates 20 years with a star-studded lineup at Facedown Fest in mid-May.

Blast bands My Epic, Attalus, War Of Ages, Comrades, and Everything In Slow Motion are playing at the festival

And a whole lot of Implosion bands are playing.

The Implosion is our new metal/hardcore/metalcore station:  http://Implosion.TheBlast.FM




Lee Humerian Is Leaving Phinehas For? The Ukraine

Longtime Phinehas drummer Lee Humerian is departing from the band Phinehas.   He and his wife are answering the call to youth missions work in the country of Ukraine.   His last show with Phinehas is Saturday night in Fullerton, California.   He will lay down the drums on the next Phinehas record before a new drummer takes over, however.   Humerian has been bangin’ the skins for Phinehas since 2008 and has done interviews on The Blast in the past.  To find out more about the mission he and his wife Katie are going on, visit:

Now This Is Refreshing…

A Christian Rock Band Declares That They Are A Christian Rock Band.

Skillet’s John Cooper recently talked to CBN…the Christian Broadcasting Network about his band and his faith:


Demon Hunter Releases New Song

Demon Hunter has released their newest single “Cold Winter Sun” from their upcoming Outlive album that is due to be release March 2017.  Take a listen right here!

Remedy Drive And Exodus Road Work To End Sex Slavery

Remedy Drive’s David Zach writes:

Last night I met a 14 year old girl (or so) inside of a brothel in Southeast Asia. She wore on her wrist a Hello Kitty bracelet. Her mannerisms were reminiscent of a child. She was playful and put the bracelet on my wrist and smiled. Her hands were so small, barely reaching from the bottom of my palm to the bottom of my fingers. She didn’t speak English so I did my best with the few phrases I knew in her language to get her story. I also talked to the woman in charge of her. This little girl watched as the cost of taking her for an hour or an evening was discussed. For her, at this point in her life, there is nothing out of the ordinary about two people twice her age discussing her price as if she were a mere product.

Why is this girl here in this place a child has no business being near? She is one of thousands systematically being relocated from the poor country side into the city. There are evil men rounding up these girls from the poor villages either through fraud, force or coercion.

Why am I here in this place where good men can’t ethically justify stepping into? I’m here to find her and capture evidence of her captivity using covert gear and to add that evidence into a case file on the club that is selling her. We want to find the mechanism, the supply chain, the patterns of recruitment and delivery. And as I head back home to go back on tour with the band, The Exodus Road continues to use this evidence that we are collecting to begin to paint a more complicated picture of the crime syndicate that brought this precious baby into that brothel that I sat in last night. And then, if we are successful, we will partner with local authorities and arrest those trafficking her and bring her to freedom.

I will write more about this girl and others. And why, as hard as it was, I had to leave her there. Looking back at her from the doorway with a sorrow so profound I can’t even begin to put it into words. But for now – if you want to hear more about what we’re doing or get involved you can text the word remedy to 51555