Justifide, Reform The Resistance Working On New Albums

Christian Rock fans from the early to mid 2000’s will surely remember the band Justifide.  They were labelmates with Skillet on Ardent Records.  This was so long ago, that all of their songs we air from them are (other than occasional spin) pretty much relegated to “The Blastozoic Era” show that airs on Saturday nights (6-9 pm USA/Canadian Central Time).   Their big hits include “9 Out Of 10”, “Face To Face”, “Our Little Secret”, “Pointing Fingers”, “To Live”, and “The Way”.  Justifide had put out two albums on Ardent:  “Life Outside The Toybox” and “The Beauty Of The Unknown”.  This summer Justifide plans to release an album called “The Vault Sessions”.  They have a Pledgemusic campaign going right now to raise money for this:  http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/justifide

After the breakup of Justifide in the mid 2000’s, Jason and Sambo from Justifide formed a new Christian rock band called Reform The Resistance, which garnered airplay for a couple years on TheBlast.FM.  But RTR didn’t gain nearly as much traction on The Blast, or around the world, as Justifide did.

However, both Justifide and Reform The Resistance are getting back together and both bands are working on raising funds to record new albums.

Haste The Day Is Also Doing A New Album In 2015

Haste The Day

Haste The Day is back!  They are in the studio recording a new album.  We’ll keep you posted on the details as they become available. 

Exiting The Fall Releases Video For The Song “Kingdom”

Exiting The Fall

TheBlast.FM has been playing the Exiting The Fall song "Kingdom" for many weeks and it has enjoyed a good run in heavy rotation. 

The Red Cord Records band has released a video for this song:


Exiting The Fall is also working on a new EP. 


Spoken Working To Kick-start A New Album For 2015 Release

Veteran Christian Rock band Spoken has started a Kickstarter campaign to fund a new album set to release in 2015.  After 4 days of the campaign, they are already over 50% funded. The band says they will be releasing a single to radio shortly.  Presumably the song "Breathe Again".  Here is the video for that song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_vpADDFioXs&feature=youtu.be

Children 18:3 To Crank Out A New Album in 2015

Children 18 3 January 2015

The Minnesota-based sibling trio Children 18:3 is going to release a new album in 2015.  That's exciting news for fans of this band that has been a staple of Christian rock radio for the last three quarters of a decade.   The Morris natives have two January shows in their home state in January: Marshall, in southern Minnesota, and Hibbing, on the Iron Range of northern Minnesota.  Details of the new album are sketchy at this point. 

We'll keep you posted…and Blasted!

Project 86 Offers Up Knives To The Future

Project 86 art Knives To The Future

Project 86's new album "Knives To The Future" releases today. 

This work tells a 12-song narrative that picks up where Wait for the Siren left off. While WFTS explores the motivation to fight and give your life for truth, Knives takes a look at the moments after the battle.  More specifically, this album looks at one soldier who has just emerged from unconsciousness and finds himself on a frozen, haunted battlefield.  Souls part with bodies all around him, and he has no recollection of his past, who he is, or whether he is alive or dead.  All he knows is that he sees a light up ahead atop a mountain, and he must run to it to find answers.  The album follows him through apocalyptic landscapes and vivid memories as he searches for the truth about who he is and his destiny.  This journey is best experienced alongside the epic illustration by Dan Mumford contained in the CD package…

Saturday Specialty Show Lineup Revised

On Saturday evenings (in the Western Hemisphere), we Blast a 6 hour block of specialty programming.

6 PM-9 PM The Blastozoic Era (classic Christian rock, modern rock, alternative and metal)

9 PM-12 Midnight Blastmetal (new era metal, screamo and hardcore plus The Ghosts of Metal Blast segments)

All times:  USA/Canadian Central Time Zone



The Wedding’s Video For The Song “In The End”

The Wedding

The Wedding's video for "In The End" is a lot of fun and full of high energy.  Headbanging, stage-diving, cymbals on fire, and the guys taking a motorcycle ride in the desert.  Here is the link:  http://www.vevo.com/watch/the-wedding/in-the-end/USUV71301347?source=instantsearch  The song has been through some heavy-duty Blasting.  It is in heavy rotation on The Blast. 

Stryper’s “No More Hell To Pay” Looks To Be The Most Anticipated Album Release of November


Stryper has a big lead in a poll over on Noisecreep.com about the most anticipated album of November 2013.  Nothin' to see here, kids: they just happen to be way out in front of releases from Scott Stapp, Dream Theater, David Lee Roth, Black Sabbath, Rush, Deicide, Daughtry, and Five Finger Death Punch in the poll. Almost 145,000 likes on Facebook, and over 15,000 are talking about them on their page. Stryper's new album, "No More Hell To Pay" comes out on November 5th.  The title track is in heavy rotation on The Blast. 

Skillet, Red Take Home Dove Awards


Tuesday night at the Dove Awards, Skillet and Red were winners in the categories Blasters care most about: Rock song of the year and Rock album of the year, respectively.  Red's album “Release The Panic” won the Dove Award for best Rock album last night, beating out Thousand Foot Krutch's "The End Is Where We Begin", Flyleaf's "New Horizons", Fireflight's "Now" , and House of Heroes' "Cold Hard Want".  Meanwhile, Skillet's song "Sick Of It" beat out: Red's “Who We Are” We As Human “Strike Back”, Switchfoot “Afterlife”, and Remedy Drive “Resuscitate”.