Updated: Listening In A Fire-walled/Secured Environment? Try These Streams:

Our HTML5 players should work for most listeners on most browsers in most environments.  These streams are on ports that are not typically blocked by networks. But if you are having trouble listening, copy and paste this stream address into  your Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer, Opera, or Safari browser (if it doesn’t open there by clicking on the hyperlink below):

If that doesn’t work, try the web proxy stream address found on our “More Streams page”:




TheBlast.FM Alexa Skills Are Live On Amazon Echo And Alexa Devices

The first one of our apps that includes all four of our radio stations is our latest app, TheBlast.FM Alexa Skills, which includes The Blast (Christian Rock/Alternative/Metal); The Blast Blender (progressive Christian Pop); The Implosion (Christian Metal/Hardcore/Metalcore) and The Blastozoic Era (Classic Christian Rock, Alternative and Metal).

TheBlast.FM Alexa Skills are free to enable to your Amazon Echo and Alexa devices.

Head here to enable it on yours:



The Implosion Added To TheBlast.FM Roku App

You can now Implode inside TheBlast.FM Roku app!   Yep, now, all three of our radio stations can be listened to in the app:  The Blast (Christian Rock); The Blast Blender (Christian Pop); and The Implosion (Christian Metal).    You can get the updated TheBlast.FM app by by visiting the Roku Channel Store or by using this code: theblastfm .

The Implosion Added To TheBlast.FM Android and IOS Apps

The Implosion has finally made it into TheBlast.FM app for Android and iOS phones and tablets.  TheBlast.FM is the search term, and the app is free.  TheBlast.FM app includes our Christian rock station (The Blast); our progressive Christian pop station (The Blast Blender) and now our Christian metal station (The Implosion), which Blasted off on January 1, 2017.  This news comes a week after the new TheBlast.FM app came out for Windows devices:  https://www.theblast.fm/home/2017/03/16/theblast-fm-windows-app-adds-the-implosion-now-available-on-wide-variety-of-devices/  The Implosion will also soon be added to TheBlast.FM Roku app.  In addition to all of this, we’d like to secure listener donations to create even more apps on more devices.    You can donate to the cause here:  https://www.theblast.fm/home/donations/

TheBlast.FM Windows App Adds The Implosion & Now Available On Wide Variety Of Devices

You want to get Blasted, Blend or Implode on Xbox One? Microsoft Surface tablet? Now you can listen to all three of our radio
stations in a unified TheBlast.FM Windows App, which is available on these platforms:

Windows Phone 8, 8.1, 10
Windows Desktop/RT 10
Xbox One
Surface Hub

The Implosion will soon be included in TheBlast.FM app for Android, iOS and Roku TV, as well.
For now, you can listen to The Implosion on mobile devices using our HTML5 players on The Implosion’s home page and you can listen to The Implosion through Tune In Radio’s Roku app and in the browser of your Smart TV.

Amazon Smile Purchases Will Benefit The Blast 10x As Much Today Only (March 16th)

Amazon is trying to drum up sales today. The Blast Ministries is a benefactor of its charity giving based on purchases you make through our link to Amazon. Today only, we will reap 10 times the benefit we normally do from your purchases made through this portal: The Blast Ministries’ Amazon Smile purchase link

All HTML5 Players Working Again, Lyrics Included

All of our HTML5 players are once again fully functional.   If you get any messages in your browser about some items being not secure, it has to do with http and https protocol issues, as TheBlast.FM website has moved from http to https.  Rest assured, it’s all the same content as before (album art and lyrics).  If you have any questions or any issues trying to listen on any of our players, send us a Blastback:   https://www.theblast.fm/home/blastbacks/

The More Streams Page Is Updated: How To Listen In Various Media Players

You want a Blast stream address to put into iTunes, VLC, Winamp, Windows Media Player, Quicktime, or Real Player?

Then click on “More Streams”.

The Implosion Is Our Long-Awaited Christian Metal And Hardcore Station!


And, no, The Implosion is not in our Android, iOS, and Roku apps yet.  $1200 is the quote from our app developer.  We raised money to pay our other “must pays” and our debt by the end of January, but we have not raised enough yet to add on to these apps.  You can help here:  http://www.theblast.fm/home/donations/

THE IMPLOSION is our brand new Christian metal and hardcore radio station, Blasting off at Midnight (USA/Canadian Central Time) on January 1, 2017!

The station is birthed out of our Blastmetal show which had a 6 year run on The Blast, from 2010 to 2016.   The Blastmetal show is now retired, but it, and its name, live on…on The Implosion!

Christian metal and hardcore have the most in your face Christian lyrics of any genre of music.   This is face-melting stuff, not for the faint of heart!

The Blast Year End Fundraising Update 4:45 PM CT 12/31/16

Here is one missionary outpost that has reached 234,000 unique listeners in 205 countries in 2016.

Our goal for one time gifts is $10,000.  We have raised $4,670, so $5,330 still remains to be raised.

Our goal for new monthly giving is:  $1,750 per month.  We have raise $125 in new monthies, leaving $1,625 per month still to be raised.

Donations to The Blast Ministries are tax deductible, as we are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Click here to donate.