New Android & IOS Apps Are Coming / New Roku App Is Here

Pictured above is a preview of current progress on the 2023 major upgrade of TheBlast.FM Android and iOS app.

Here is a preview of the current progress to the top part of the 2023 major upgrade to the TheBlast.FM Android and IOS app.

TheBlast.FM app is getting a MAJOR upgrade to its Android and iOS apps.

The apps will soon be compatible with Apple Carplay and Android Auto, which means the full dash experience will be available in the dash!

You will be able to see what is playing on TheBlast.FM stations in the dash…and not have to look at your phone for metadata!

And there will be other extra add-ons that we don’t have now.

But this major update isn’t free.  Our app developer is upgrading TheBlast.FM app for Android and iOS for $5,000.

Like we did with the Roku app weeks ago, we said yes to the work before the funds were raised because we know we can count on TheBlast.FM donors to fund this important project, just like you did with the Roku app upgrade.

So…who wants to help pay for this upgrade???

Are there five of you called to give $1,000 each?  Are there two of you called to give $2,500?  Or is somebody called to give the whole $5k?  Or maybe a whole bunch of you are called to give $100-$500 to fund this.

Whatever the case may be…

You can make your donation here:

Thank you!

And by the way, regarding TheBlast.FM Roku app, if it is not working on your device, you need to uninstall and re-install from the new app store.  If you have a Roku TV and you already had TheBlast.FM app downloaded, it will automatically update to the new app.