Relent Rocks At Kingdom Come Festival 2021

Relent rocked the humans at the Kingdom Come Festival Friday afternoon.  It was a high energy, sweaty set that was a lot of fun.  We shot a video of the opening of their set, here:

Band interviews and a lot more coverage commence this week and will last for weeks on air on TheBlast.FM radio stations and on our websites.

Gold Frankincense And Myrrh Official Video For “Where Were You”

Here’s Gold Frankincense and Myrrh posing with The Blast’s program director Colin Cruz at last year’s Kingdom Come Festival.  They’ll be back at the festival and so will we,  Fri/Sat June 18/19, 2021.   To help getcha ready, here’s the video for their new single we Blast called Where Were You :

Skillet Interview On The Blast Tuesday

Tuesday, a look back at the conversation Colin Cruz had with John Cooper of Skillet, talking about when Cooper met one of his favorite childhood rock stars. And it was that rock star that wanted to meet Cooper.  Tuesday, June 8, 2021 at 1 pm USA/Canada Central Time.

Kingdom Come Festival 2021: Even Bigger Than Last Year

Kingdom Come Festival (Friday and Saturday, June 18th and 19th), 2021 is like two festivals in one, as (at least for now), KCF has absorbed the Capstone Music Festival and encapsulated into a side stage at the Kingdom Come Festival.  (See what we did there?) (Previously, it was two separate Christian rock festivals in Indiana, spaced two hours and a week apart).  The two fest are friendly with each other and working together as the body of Christ.

Well, this year…

KCF sees the the return of Disciple as a headliner and The Letter Black headlines as well.

Other Blast bands on the main stage include:  The Protest, Chaotic Resemblance, Awaken, Behold The Beloved, Relent, Amongst The Giants, Attaboy, Zahna, We Are Vessel, and TJ Harris of Decyfer Down. 

And on the Capstone Music stage:  Gold Frankincense and Myrrh, Grave Robber, The Persuaded, Theody and Firebrand.

The festival was a lot of fun last year and TheBlast.FM will be back again this year.  Stop by our Blastin’ booth and meet us, get some free glossy Blast Cards and stickers and buy a Blast t-shirt.

The festival is at the Howard County Vietnam Veterans Reunion Grounds near Greentown, Indiana.


Interview With Brian Head Welch Of Love And Death / Korn Tuesday On TheBlast.FM

The Blast’s Colin Cruz caught up with Brian “Head” Welch, lead singer of Christian hard rock band Love And Death, earlier this month, and the interview will air tomorrow/Tuesday during Colin’s show, in the 2 PM hour, USA/Canada Central Time.

Welch was addicted to alcohol and/or drugs from the ages of 15 to 33 but he has been radically set free from addiction by the power of Jesus Christ!   We’ll hear some of that testimony and hear about new music Love and Death.

Skillet And Stryper To Share The Stage In Minnesota This Summer

Two huge bands that begin with “S” from two different eras will share the same stage soon:

Skillet…which began in the mid to late 1990’s and has never stopped rockin’…

And a resurgent 80’s band that lead singer John Cooper grew up listening to as part of his Christian metal album collection:  Stryper.

Skillet will be headlining Friday night September 10th at the Rocktember Fest in Hinckley, Minnesota.  Immediately preceding Skillet will be Stryper.   The rest of the bands at the fest are secular hard rock.

The timing is a bit ironic.  Cooper had recently been spotted in public by a casual music fan who said (paraphrasing) “You look familiar…aren’t you in that band…that Christian rock band…Stryper?”

Well, in case you have any trouble telling the bands apart (LOL) here is your chance to clearly differentiate between the two.

We’re not 100 percent sure, but at press time, we believe this is the first time these two bands have shared the same stage on the same night.


Brian Head Welch of Love & Death Speaks At The Sioux Falls Prayer Breakfast

Brian “Head” Welch, lead singer of Christian Rock band Love & Death (and guitarist of Korn) spoke at the Sioux Falls Prayer Breakfast today.  South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem was in attendance and she offered a prayer for government leaders.  Welch started his talk with some lighthearted banter and jokes and he talked about Noem’s dust-up with Lil Nas X about his “Satan shoes” and he said we should have some Jesus shoes with which we could stomp on Satan with.

Welch’s theme was “the bombs of life”.

He said the first bomb in his life was 20 years ago when his wife left him and his daughter when his girl was 2 years old. Welch said he was drinking every night and sometimes taking cocaine to try to numb the pain.  He said one night he woke up at 3 am and he could not find her.  She wasn’t able to find him, either, as he had passed out behind a couch.   When he did find her, she was asleep out on the patio in his cigarette-smoking chair, right next to the swimming pool.  That was a wakeup call to him that he could not continue to be a drunk.

Welch was going to change his life.  For four months, he went to the gym and he was drinking protein shakes instead of booze.  Then 9/11 hit, and as he said, it “threw the world into chaos, confusion, and fear.”  He succumbed to those emotions and he began drinking again.

When he was getting drunk and getting high, he thought he was feeling freedom.  In 2003, he decided to quit trying to quit and went into full-blown partying.  He hired nannies to watch his girl so he could party more.  He started doing meth in the spring of that year, and he did them every day.   He knew he was addicted to methamphetamines.  He tried to stop and couldn’t.    None of the other guys knew at the time that he was on meth and he suffered a massive panic attack due to the inability to stop.

He once ordered meth via Federal Express…to be delivered to his hotel.   He was afraid a dog might sniff it out.  He became suicidal.

This man, Brian “Head” Welch, who was addicted to alcohol and/or drugs from the ages of 15 to 33, finally decided to go to church for help.

Fortunately, he went to a place where he was not judged.  The pastor was very real in his sermon, talking about how he himself had previously been an alcoholic and how Jesus changed his life, and during that message Welch says “hope started getting poured into him.”  He said to himself “Maybe God is real.  I gotta give this a try.”  And in that church in Bakersfield, California, Welch raised his hand, saying he wanted to receive Jesus Christ.

Welch went on to pray: “Lord, are you real like that guy said?” “This is so weird,” Welch thought to himself.   “Because I am going to die for these drugs and ruin my daughter if you don’t set me free.”

And Jesus revealed Himself to Welch:  he felt unconditional love and he felt God’s embrace and that was the end of his drug habit.

Welch has been walking with Jesus Christ for 16 years now.



TheBlast.FM New Console Helps Improve In-Studio DJ Sound

Thanks to a generous one time monetary donation, TheBlast.FM was able to replace its aging (and failing) studio mixer with our first ever broadcast console.   It’s brand new, it’s small, simple, functional, and beautiful.  And it sounds fantastic.

It is made by Arrakis, which is a pillar in the broadcast industry.

The Colin Cruz radio show instantly sounds better.  The price tag was a bit over $700 with shipping and tax.  We are so grateful that as God guides, God provides.  And God is using you to help fund ministry as we reach people all over the globe with the Gospel of Jesus Christ through radical, aggressive Christian music!

We haven’t forgotten about the encoders we talked about.  We haven’t had time to implement that, as we are catching up on some other urgent projects, but those are still in the works.

If you feel led to donate to The Blast Ministries, Inc, you can go here:

Thank you!

Ocean Dark Video For Their New Blast Hit “Fallen”


Check out the video for the latest TheBlast.FM hit from Finnish band Ocean Dark “Fallen”:


No B-Sides Songs Will Play At Disciple’s Horseshoes & Hand Grenades Online Concert

It’s pure greed on our part at TheBlast.FM.  Our own Colin Cruz just asked Disciple lead singer Kevin Young if the band will be playing any of the B-Sides songs at their online concert on Saturday January 23rd.

The B-Sides, you ask?

Yeah.  Remember?  That Disciple album that came out 10 years ago called Horseshoes & Hand Grenades…also had some digital add-on songs that didn’t make the main record.

It was called Horseshoes & Hand Grenades B-Sides.   And it had some fabulous songs on it that we have Blasted over the years:  namely The FuryComedy TragedyDisasterpiece, and Watch It Burn.

And the answer is?   No.

Young reminds us that they are playing the entire (main) Horseshoes & Hand Grenades album from front to back, plus playing two new songs, including The Blast hit Darkness Dies.    

Those two songs plus the 12 on Horseshoes & Hand Grenades makes 14, and Young says he can only handle 14 songs a night.

Fair enough.  It was worth asking.   Inquiring minds wanted to know.