HolyName, Impending Doom To Do An Anti-Human Trafficking Concert

HolyName and Run Against Traffic Host Rock Against Traffic concert with With Impending Doom in Pomona, CA

The event supporting the Run Against Traffic foundation will feature HolyName, Impending Doom, Convictions, Dynasty and Meadows 

(by Mary Nikkel of Transparent Media)

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — HolyName and Impending Doom have joined forces for an earth-shattering night of metal for good with Rock Against Traffic, a concert benefitting survivors of human trafficking. The monster lineup of heavy music will support the Run Against Traffic Foundation, which exists to fuel quality trauma-informed aftercare. The full lineup includes HolyName, Impending Doom, Convictions, Dynasty and Meadows. Tickets are on sale now at https://link.dice.fm/Ae14153bc531.

Run Against Traffic was founded by Tommy Green, former vocalist for Sleeping Giant and current singer for HolyName. After he and his wife Krissi encountered a survivor of trafficking, their lives were forever changed. With Rock Against Traffic, the metal vocalist is hoping to stir people to action the same was he was moved. 

“Rock Against Traffic is significant because it combines my own origins in a unique and passionate culture of people with a mission that is very near to mine and Krissi’s hearts,” Tommy explains. “We are using the power of our community in the hardcore and metal scene, combining that with a vision to raise awareness, raise funds and shine a light on the incredible need that exists for survivors of human trafficking to receive quality aftercare.”

It’s not the first time that the metal scene has rallied around the Run Against Traffic cause. As a band, HolyName ran a limited edition merch drop to support the foundation. Recently, the metal outlet KingdomCore did the same. The passion and energy inherently found in the metal community has been the perfect power source to channel into a cause desperately needing attention. 

Expanding on that need, Tommy says, “Without proper aftercare, nearly all of these precious people somehow find their way back into the life. The desire to make fundraising, activism and awareness as easy as possible is part of what has fueled this event. I think it’s incredible that through the power of the marketplace and the platform of media, the mission can be accomplished by people simply buying a ticket to a show, seeing some of their favorite bands and hearing about Run Against Traffic’s work.”

While supporting the cause, attendees are due for a truly unforgettable metal show. Between the veteran players in HolyName and Impending Doom, modern contenders in Convictions and the newcomers in Dynasty and Meadows, the night promises to be unforgettably brutal. 

“My hope is that people have an experience at the show,” Tommy concludes. “That they enjoy the bands and go home knowing that by purchasing a ticket, buying some merch or just donating at the show, they did what they could to stand with those precious human beings that are in desperate need of quality aftercare.”

You can get tickets at https://link.dice.fm/Ae14153bc531. For more about Run Against Traffic, visit www.irunagainsttraffic.com.