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HolyName Album Has Been Released Onto The Masses

Holy Name’s self-titled debut album has just been released on Facedown Records.   HolyName is  composed of Tommy Green of Sleeping Giant and Joe Holt and features guest vocals from Brook Reeves of Impending Doom, Eric Gregson of xDeathstarx, Joe Advent, Danon Saylor of Nothing Left, Ryan Clark of Demon Hunter, and Mike Felker of Convictions.  Their single Creed […]

New Android & IOS Apps Are Coming / New Roku App Is Here

TheBlast.FM app is getting a MAJOR upgrade to its Android and iOS apps. The apps will soon be compatible with Apple Carplay and Android Auto, which means the full dash experience will be available in the dash! You will be able to see what is playing on TheBlast.FM stations in the dash…and not have to […]

Nate Parrish To Open For Trapt

Nate Parrish is opening up for mainstream alternative rock band Trapt on January 15th.   Trapt has been around since 1995, long enough ago to have a MySpace account! Parrish, is solo artist with a couple of songs on The Blast, including his new single Attention Junkies. Parrish is also guitarist for Kutless and he played for […]

How To Keep Blasting On Older Roku Devices

For those of you Blasting on older Roku devices, you may have noticed that TheBlast.FM app is no longer supported on those units.   Roku has updated some of its standards, which makes TheBlast.FM app no longer usable on those old Roku units.  Our Roku app developer says There is no way to make the […]

TheBlast.FM Co-Sponsors Immortal Christian Rock Festival

It could easily be called the Immortal Christian metal and hard rock festival as that is what’s on the menu. The Immortal Christian Rock Festival will definitely rock your face, with Blast band Chaotic Resemblance rockin’ at the fest as are newcomers to The Blast playlist:  Fear Not, which just put out quite a modern […]