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Skillet And Stryper To Share The Stage In Minnesota This Summer

Two huge bands that begin with “S” from two different eras will share the same stage soon: Skillet…which began in the mid to late 1990’s and has never stopped rockin’… And a resurgent 80’s band that lead singer John Cooper grew up listening to as part of his Christian metal album collection:  Stryper. Skillet will […]

Manafest f Redlight King “Save You” Lyric Video Posted

The lyric video for Manafest x Redlight King Save You is now on the interwebs:  https://www.facebook.com/manafest/videos/275894777252417/ Keep in mind that for most of our songs*, the lyrics display in our HTML5 players on our website and in most of our apps as the song plays. *If we have the lyrics for a given song, we display them.

TheBlast.FM New Console Helps Improve In-Studio DJ Sound

Thanks to a generous one time monetary donation, TheBlast.FM was able to replace its aging (and failing) studio mixer with our first ever broadcast console.   It’s brand new, it’s small, simple, functional, and beautiful.  And it sounds fantastic. It is made by Arrakis, which is a pillar in the broadcast industry. The Colin Cruz radio […]

2nd Annual Grizzly Award Winners

The Dove Awards don’t do justice to the world of Christian ROCK (and have not for many years, as they have merged Contemporary and Rock into one category called, cleverly, Rock/Contemporary…as if those those should even be in the same category), so last year, the Grizzly Awards came to the rescue. Last night, the second […]

Disciple Online Concert # 2 Is Less Than An Hour Away

Disciple’s second online concert, which celebrates the 10th Anniversary of the Horseshoes And Hand Grenades album, is live in a little less than an hour.  You can snag tickets here: https://www.itickets.com/events/449963?fbclid=IwAR2miQLY6PSID4mHraHsHA1gkAOB3MgEDfhrgFLfeQDSjTlTozPBOo8nP1Q