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Demon Hunter Outlive CD Deluxe Edition…Right Out Of The Gate? Yep!

Since when does the Deluxe Edition of a CD come out on the album’s original release date?  Since March 31, 2017, that’s when…Demon Hunter’s Outlive album comes out…and the Deluxe edition will include a 28-inch fold-out poster, a 28-page large format booklet with lyric explanations from lead singer Ryan Clark, a DVD featuring the Outlive […]

All HTML5 Players Working Again, Lyrics Included

All of our HTML5 players are once again fully functional.   If you get any messages in your browser about some items being not secure, it has to do with http and https protocol issues, as TheBlast.FM website has moved from http to https.  Rest assured, it’s all the same content as before (album art […]

Project 86 Video To Air On AXS.TV Friday

Project 86’s video for a song we Blast here “Fall Goliath Fall” will air on AXS.tv Friday, a little after 4 pm in the USA’s Eastern Time Zone.  P86 claims that about 18 million viewers will be expected to see it.

Facedown Records Announces Lineup For Facedown Fest 2017

Facedown Records celebrates 20 years with a star-studded lineup at Facedown Fest in mid-May. Blast bands My Epic, Attalus, War Of Ages, Comrades, and Everything In Slow Motion are playing at the festival And a whole lot of Implosion bands are playing. The Implosion is our new metal/hardcore/metalcore station:  http://Implosion.TheBlast.FM      

Lee Humerian Is Leaving Phinehas For? The Ukraine

Longtime Phinehas drummer Lee Humerian is departing from the band Phinehas.   He and his wife are answering the call to youth missions work in the country of Ukraine.   His last show with Phinehas is Saturday night in Fullerton, California.   He will lay down the drums on the next Phinehas record before a […]

Criteria For Adding Music To TheBlast.FM

by Colin Cruz, Program Director of The Blast and The Blast Blender. The criteria used to be a lot easier to be met: Back in the days when most Christian record labels were Christian-owned (late 1990’s, early 2000’s), it was easy. If the band was on a Christian label, the assumption was that this was […]

Remedy Drive And Exodus Road Work To End Sex Slavery

Remedy Drive’s David Zach writes: Last night I met a 14 year old girl (or so) inside of a brothel in Southeast Asia. She wore on her wrist a Hello Kitty bracelet. Her mannerisms were reminiscent of a child. She was playful and put the bracelet on my wrist and smiled. Her hands were so […]

Justifide, Reform The Resistance Working On New Albums

Christian Rock fans from the early to mid 2000’s will surely remember the band Justifide.  They were labelmates with Skillet on Ardent Records.  This was so long ago, that all of their songs we air from them are (other than occasional spin) pretty much relegated to “The Blastozoic Era” show that airs on Saturday nights (6-9 […]