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Edgar from Mexico City says: “I love the radio station(s) specially “The Implosion”, the music is so good, I’ve sharing the station to family and friends so more people can enjoy as well.”  7-15-20

(Wow…we haven’t been updating this page for a long time.   We are changing that, starting now).  7-15-20

Patrick, who lives near Baton Rouge, Louisiana says:

“Coming back to Christ, after a long season in the world, I found most Christian music to have no edge, no bite. Thanks for giving me (& those like me) a hard core Jesus hangout! Keep Blastin’!!! I love The Blast and The Implosion.”  11-2-18

I have been listening to the station for 2 years and love the no compromise message that you promote. The station has provided mew with many opportunities to share music with fellow believers who felt that rock/metal cannot glorify God and therefore felt judged in Christian circles.

I always listen to heavy metal hardcore music and my uncle was telling me that there was a station out there that had my kinda music that had a good meaning to it!!?? And I was a little skeptical about it at first then I tried y’alls APP!!! And now i listen to it all the time!!! Its a real good great music choice and it’s all got good meaning to it!!!

I’ve been listening to The Blast for a few years now, and I have found some amazing new bands from it, thanks for the excellent music which spreads absolute love and passion with every second of each song! Keep Blastin’!

Thank you for the encouragement in hard times, today’s Scripture from Matthew helped me keep going. I love the music you play.If anyone wants to pray for my wife’s addiction and our children I would appreciate it. I thank Jesus that He is always there for us if we will turn to Him.

As a South African i got to tell you Ive never heard a radio station as life changing as the blast FM. keep on blasting and change the lives of others. ill never stop listening to the blast FM. All Praise to our King that gave us a radio station like the blast FM. my life is changed by you guys. and for that i’m addicted to the blast FM

Greetings from Paraguay!!!!  I just want to say that your radio station is awesome!!! Finally I found what I was looking for long ago!!! God Bless!!!

I enjoy listening to The Blast in my woodworking shop since it can overcome loud machinery!

Uso essa Radio como exemplo de evangelismo atraveis do Rock e metal! apesar de muitos aqui no Brasil ainda discordarem que de Deus e todos os Ritmos, Estou aqui agradecendo a vocês por existirem!” (Which, when translated from Portuguese to English, means “Use this as an example of Radio  Rock and metal evangelism ! though many in Brazil still disagree that God and all Rhythms, I am here to thank you for existing !

This station is awesome, I started listening to Christian music about a year and a half ago, and it was through K-Love. I prefer the hard rock style of music and found several artists on ITunes, but wanted more.  Today I found you guys and its awesome.  I already downloaded your app for IPhone so I can listen to my style of Christian music.  YOU GUYS ROCK!!!! Keep it up.