New Blast iPhone App Is Inching Closer To Reality: It Will Also Have 9 Streams In It

iPhone Blasters have been waiting patiently the last several weeks while hearing that Android Blasters now have 9 streams to choose from in the new Android app.  Meanwhile, the current iPhone Blast app "only" has 5 streams in it.  What's taking so long to release the new iPhone app?  The causes are: mainly, Apple's developer site was hacked about 6 weeks ago or so and that has delayed the release of a lot of apps, and it's delayed new developers from getting in the game.  The Blast has just been approved for a developer license, so once that is finalized, we will be ready to submit the new app for approval…which can be another relatively long delay.  But!   It's coming.  Soon.   Users of other smart phone types have been crying out for an app, but funds for new projects are currently dried up, so if you want to help towards that cause, you can give here: