100k Expected Again At Lifelight Festival 2013 Featuring: Disciple, TFK, Flyleaf, RJA, For Today

Only the Sturgis Rally and Races draw more visitors to South Dakota every year.  Expecting to top 100,000 people once again at this free fest, The Lifelight Festival is held every Labor Day weekend in southeastern South Dakota, just east of Worthing, a small town not too far from Sioux Falls. It draws people from as far away as central Canada and both U.S. coasts.

  For those waxing nostalgic for the late, great Cornerstone Festival, this, too, is held on a large, dusty (but constantly watered down) farm with plenty of corn in sight.  Blast bands this year include: Disciple, For Today, Thousand Foot Krutch, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Flyleaf, Phinehas, From The Eyes Of Servants, Southbound Fearing, Plumb, Silverline, Seventh Day Slumber, Ashes Remain, Fireflight, Random Hero, and Behold! The City.

 As usual, The Blast will also have a booth at the festival, as it is the fest nearest our world headquarters.  We're looking for hip young Blasters to help at the booth, where we'll have games, live public band interviews and possibly early evening dance parties, a trend we started at this festival back in 2006.  Like last year, our booth will be behind (to the north of) the 360 Stage barn and behind (to the west/northwest of) the Souled Out Stage.

 The Blast t-shirts should be in hand by then; it's also a great way to pick up Blast Cards and Blast Car Stickers and meet some of the people who run The Blast.  Most of the Blast bands listed will play on one or both of those stages.

 The festival will also have rap/hip hop and a variety of other styles of music on 6 stages, and like most festivals this size, it is driven by the pop/contemporary side of Christian music. Lifelight Festival is known to have some last minute roster changes, so don't be surprised if Spoken or some other band from the upper midwest region suddenly gets added to the bill at the last minute like they did last year.

 Pictured above is a shot of a main stage crowd at night last year, a stage Skillet played on in 2012.

If you want to help at the booth, send a Blastback:  http://www.theblast.fm/wp/blastbacks/