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A Blast Of Christian Rock And Metal: TheBlast.FM

"The Blast" aka: "Blastrock" from TheBlast.FM. Christian Rock & Alternative and Christian Metal Music.  Intense music that most FM Christian radio stations dare not play.  Nobody does it like The Blast.  Boldly Blast with us where no one has Blasted before!

The Blast now has a sister station called "The Blast Blender", that blends pop, rock, rap/hip hop, R&B and electronic dance music!  Go to The Blast Blender at http://blender.theblast.fm (notice there are no www's!) and take a listen!  Click on the banner below!!



The Blast News & Music News Headlines

Many Blast Stream Choices: Don't Let Dead Air On One Stream Keep You From Blasting

Streaming problems at The Blast are rare these days, but sometimes internet routing weirdness happens in various parts of the USA (where most of our streams are hosted) that is way beyond our control. 

If The Blast stream you are on goes down, try the next one down the chain. 

Our streams are hosted in various locations.  For example, the 320kbps stream is hosted in Salt Lake City; the 160k stream (found on our "All Streams" page and our "Mobile Blasting" page) is hosted in Chicago, the 128k stream in Ashburn, Virginia.  On March 20th, 2015, for example, in the morning, first there was some internet weirdness in the western USA that affected our Salt Lake City stream; while our other streams were fine.   The SLC stream routing cleared up, and then there was bad internet congestion a few minutes later affecting east coast USA traffic…impacting our Ashburn stream. 

So…if one stream goes down, hit the next button down the chain in our app or on our website and most likely, it will work. 


320 KBPS Hi-Fi Streaming At The Blast and The Blast Blender!

The Blast and The Blast Blender have upgraded our top MP3 streams to 320 kbps!  This is high-end transparent CD quality audio streaming!  We found a good deal with a solid streaming provider, but the only drawback of this stream is that it is on a port that is blocked by some school and office firewalls.  Most of our streams are on ports that are not typically blocked, including our 128k stream, which we just upgraded to the AAC codec for higher sound quality.   The two streams that are on ports frequently blocked by firewalls have the firewall icon on the stream button. 


Justifide, Reform The Resistance Working On New Albums




Christian Rock fans from the early to mid 2000's will surely remember the band Justifide.  They were labelmates with Skillet on Ardent Records.  This was so long ago, that all of their songs we air from them are (other than occasional spin) pretty much relegated to "The Blastozoic Era" show that airs on Saturday nights (6-9 pm USA/Canadian Central Time).   Their big hits include "9 Out Of 10", "Face To Face", "Our Little Secret", "Pointing Fingers", "To Live", and "The Way".  Justifide had put out two albums on Ardent:  "Life Outside The Toybox" and "The Beauty Of The Unknown".  This summer Justifide plans to release an album called "The Vault Sessions".  They have a Pledgemusic campaign going right now to raise money for this:  http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/justifide

After the breakup of Justifide in the mid 2000's, Jason and Sambo from Justifide formed a new Christian rock band called Reform The Resistance, which garnered airplay for a couple years on TheBlast.FM.  But RTR didn't gain nearly as much traction on The Blast, or around the world, as Justifide did.  

However, both Justifide and Reform The Resistance are getting back together and both bands are working on raising funds to record new albums. 


Haste The Day Is Also Doing A New Album In 2015

Haste The Day

Haste The Day is back!  They are in the studio recording a new album.  We'll keep you posted on the details as they become available. 














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