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A Blast Of Christian Rock And Metal: TheBlast.FM

"The Blast" aka: "Blastrock" from TheBlast.FM. Christian Rock & Alternative and Christian Metal Music.  Intense music that most FM Christian radio stations dare not play.  Nobody does it like The Blast.  Boldly Blast with us where no one has Blasted before!

The Blast now has a sister station called "The Blast Blender", that blends pop, rock, rap/hip hop, R&B and electronic dance music!  Go to The Blast Blender at http://blender.theblast.fm (notice there are no www's!) and take a listen!  Click on the banner below!!



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HTML5 And Flash Players Metadata Malfunction

We added some cool additions to our Flash and HTML5 players to our site.   They are suffering from metadata malfunction right now.  Until that is fixed, you'll have to get metadata the old fashioned way and just read it off our site. 








Saturday Specialty Show Lineup Revised

On Saturday evenings (in the Western Hemisphere), we Blast a 6 hour block of specialty programming.

6 PM-9 PM The Blastozoic Era (classic Christian rock, modern rock, alternative and metal)

9 PM-12 Midnight Blastmetal (new era metal, screamo and hardcore plus The Ghosts of Metal Blast segments)

All times:  USA/Canadian Central Time Zone




Give us your feedback about The Blast and The Blender

Tell us how The Blast/TheBlender have impacted you. Send in your feedback on The Blastback page at: http://www.theblast.fm/wp/blastbacks/ Or you can call it in toll free 877-5-BLAST-5 (USA/Canada); call the USA-based number 605-610-0021; or call "TheBlast.FM" on Skype. Leave a voicemail for airing and make sure to mention which station(s) you are referring to "The Blast" and/or "The Blast Blender".


Another Way To Listen To The Blast On Mobile HTML5

On any device that supports HTML5 in its browser (best choice: usually Firefox), here is an alternate way to get Blasted.  Since our app is not supported yet on Android tablets, an alternative is needed.  Since the Android operating system is so fractured, some apps work well on some devices and not as well on others.  Watch this video and see how to listen to the high quality 80 kbps Ogg Vorbis Blast stream.  













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Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes.

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