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A Blast Of Christian Rock And Metal: TheBlast.FM

"The Blast" aka: "Blastrock" from TheBlast.FM. Christian Rock & Alternative and Christian Metal Music.  Intense music that most FM Christian radio stations dare not play.  Nobody does it like The Blast.  Boldly Blast with us where no one has Blasted before!

The Blast now has a sister station called "The Blast Blender", that blends pop, rock, rap/hip hop, R&B and electronic dance music!  Go to The Blast Blender at http://blender.theblast.fm (notice there are no www's!) and take a listen!  Click on the banner below!!


The Blast News & Music News Headlines

Where Can I Find The Blast On FM ? Are You On Sirius XM Satellite Radio?

We get these questions a lot, so we decided to put up a post about it.   Answers: TheBlast.FM and its side channels are internet radio stations.   You can only listen to us on the internet, worldwide, on our website, www.TheBlast.FM on desktop and laptop computers, or you can listen to us via TheBlast.FM app for Android or iOS phones or tablets, Windows phones or the Roku TV streamer.  You can listen to us in the browser of your smart TV using the HTML5 stream buttons on our website.  Or on standalone wi-fi desktop internet radios.  Using Bluetooth, you can tether your data plan-enabled smart phone or tablet to your FM stereo in your car, and the FM frequency we will be on varies based on what is available in your current location.   If you do find us re-transmitted somewhere by an actual FM or AM station, it is without our permission.  Let us know if you hear us somewhere.  That has been rumored to happen before.  We like the idea, but we'd like them to do it legally. 

Will you ever be on your own FM?

Only if it is the Lord's will.   If there is someone (or a g roup of people, collectively) out there sitting on a few extra million dollars looking for a charitable cause to give it to, we'd love to make it happen.   Gifts are tax deductible for American taxpayers, as The Blast Ministries is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  

What about satellite radio?

We have had a lot of listeners ask if we are on satellite radio.  No, we are not.  But if you want that to happen, the onus is on the listener for the asking.  It won't mean much to Sirius XM or other satellite radio companies if we ask them to pick us up.   It means a lot more if listeners ask them. 




Website May Go Down Over The Weekend For Upgrades

The Blast's web hosting provider is doing some upgrades to the website hosting server this weekend, and that may cause the website to go down for up to an hour at a time. 

If that happens and you need a streaming address to listen to The Blast or The Blast Blender, go to www.facebook.com/theblastfm for the list of streaming addresses. It is in the Notes section. 



Remedy Drive And Exodus Road Work To End Sex Slavery

Remedy Drive's David Zach writes:



Last night I met a 14 year old girl (or so) inside of a brothel in Southeast Asia. She wore on her wrist a Hello Kitty bracelet. Her mannerisms were reminiscent of a child. She was playful and put the bracelet on my wrist and smiled. Her hands were so small, barely reaching from the bottom of my palm to the bottom of my fingers. She didn't speak English so I did my best with the few phrases I knew in her language to get her story. I also talked to the woman in charge of her. This little girl watched as the cost of taking her for an hour or an evening was discussed. For her, at this point in her life, there is nothing out of the ordinary about two people twice her age discussing her price as if she were a mere product. 

Why is this girl here in this place a child has no business being near? She is one of thousands systematically being relocated from the poor country side into the city. There are evil men rounding up these girls from the poor villages either through fraud, force or coercion. 

Why am I here in this place where good men can't ethically justify stepping into? I'm here to find her and capture evidence of her captivity using covert gear and to add that evidence into a case file on the club that is selling her. We want to find the mechanism, the supply chain, the patterns of recruitment and delivery. And as I head back home to go back on tour with the band, The Exodus Road continues to use this evidence that we are collecting to begin to paint a more complicated picture of the crime syndicate that brought this precious baby into that brothel that I sat in last night. And then, if we are successful, we will partner with local authorities and arrest those trafficking her and bring her to freedom. 

I will write more about this girl and others. And why, as hard as it was, I had to leave her there. Looking back at her from the doorway with a sorrow so profound I can't even begin to put it into words. But for now – if you want to hear more about what we're doing or get involved you can text the word remedy to 51555


Justifide, Reform The Resistance Working On New Albums




Christian Rock fans from the early to mid 2000's will surely remember the band Justifide.  They were labelmates with Skillet on Ardent Records.  This was so long ago, that all of their songs we air from them are (other than occasional spin) pretty much relegated to "The Blastozoic Era" show that airs on Saturday nights (6-9 pm USA/Canadian Central Time).   Their big hits include "9 Out Of 10", "Face To Face", "Our Little Secret", "Pointing Fingers", "To Live", and "The Way".  Justifide had put out two albums on Ardent:  "Life Outside The Toybox" and "The Beauty Of The Unknown".  This summer Justifide plans to release an album called "The Vault Sessions".  They have a Pledgemusic campaign going right now to raise money for this:  http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/justifide

After the breakup of Justifide in the mid 2000's, Jason and Sambo from Justifide formed a new Christian rock band called Reform The Resistance, which garnered airplay for a couple years on TheBlast.FM.  But RTR didn't gain nearly as much traction on The Blast, or around the world, as Justifide did.  

However, both Justifide and Reform The Resistance are getting back together and both bands are working on raising funds to record new albums. 





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